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  • Erman Erol

    Erman Erol

    Computer Engineering Student / Freelance Web Developer / Game Developer @ Gripati Digital Entertainment

  • Albertolagrini


  • Shaheryar Ehsan

    Shaheryar Ehsan

    Content Strategist | Researcher | Software Engineering Student

  • John Lowery

    John Lowery

    Internet Marketer, Author, Sales & Networking Pro, Dad, Social Media Guru, Blogger, Stand Up Paddle Surfer, and musician, who loves to play daily Fantasy Sports

  • Roel Hellemons

    Roel Hellemons

  • Fahri Dönmez

    Fahri Dönmez

    Computer Engineer / Software Developer • SAP ERP-Abap / .net-c# / SQL / CANIAS ERP-Troia / Excel VBA in @Penticorap

  • Elsa Svensson

    Elsa Svensson

    Life at startups

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