We have talked about what Rancher Server is, how it works on the backstage and why it matters for the Kubernetes (K8s) provisioning world at Series II. This time we’ll be installing, configuring and making several tunes on it. Difficulty to follow this guide is really easy.


In order to run Rancher Server, we’ll need a Linux VM, preferably with a Debian distro. You can obtain the latest Debian Server ISO, then make a regular Linux installation using vCenter.

Before the Linux VM provisioning phase; Remember that I’ve mentioned about the Network subnets in Series I. The Linux VM that’s…

Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) with K8s v1.20.6 — Dashboard


I have told you that I’ll be sharing a new story every Sunday and I kept my promise. If you haven’t read the previous post and want to know how we did choose Rancher Server in our scenario, please read this first and understand the reasons completely.

In this Series II, we’ll talk about what Rancher Server does for us, how it handles the management of the underlying infrastructure by automated provisioning and what we gain from it.

Rancher Server is a very lightweight and powerful tool to deploy and orchestrate multiple Kubernetes (K8s) clusters, both on-premises and the cloud.

It’s been a very long time since I posted something new, and I can feel the excitement already. I was never the person that publishes stuff that you can read from elsewhere, always the edge cases... Man, I’m stuffed like hell. I need to let lots of information get off my chest immediately. Ergo, expect a new story from me every Sunday.

Disclaimer: In this story and yet more to come, you’ll be reading lots of swearing and sarcasm against people & organizations whom will mostly get offended once they see this. Once and for all, this is my personal…

To be brief, in the company I’m working at, we are depending on real-time data with no tolerance of high-latencies. The lower the latency, the better results we can provide to our customers/clients. After Amazon launched the Frankfurt region (eu-central-1) we decided to move from Ireland (eu-west-1) to Frankfurt. It’s much lower latency when you ping both regions from Istanbul.

I was looking for a practical and easy solution to the issue of ours but after trying many solutions (like Data Pipeline) and getting tired of their complexity, I tend to lean on some open-source projects to do our task.

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